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Auto 4

The Studiomaster Professional Auto 4 offers an advanced level of ease in sound system installations. It’s the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to set up a multiple-mic room without requiring an operator to monitor the board. With the help of the Auto 4 you can ‘fit it’ – ‘forget it’ & expect the same level of performance day in & day out. With the unique ‘Auto Sense’ technology & ‘NOM’ the Studiomaster Professional Auto 4 is sure to be one of the best auto-mixing solutions currently available.


Auto SenseThreshold ModesNOMInfinite Linking
The ‘Auto Sense’ Technology in theAuto 4 automatically gates microphones (turns on or off), based on the threshold & priority settings.Three threshold settings available on-board, a feature unique to the Auto 4. Loud-Normal-Soft.NOM (Number of openMics) based gain attenuation.Two or More Auto 4’s can be linked to each other with the help of a simpleCAT5 cable.



  • Balanced XLR & 6.3mm Jack Input Connectors.
  • MIC / Line (for Wireless Mic) switchable per channel.
  • Switchable priority on each channel.
  • Selectable ‘Ducking’ Level (-12dB & -20db) for all non-priority channels.
  • Switchable phantom supply on each mic channel.
  • The Unique ‘Voice-Level’ threshold set-up allows flexibility of setting without the complexity of a constant varying threshold.
  • Lockout LED indicating the high priority speaker is active.


  • Programmable priority via individual channels setup.
  • Alternatively a ‘Fixed’ priority, with a sequential hardwired priority.
  • Vox bypass for emergency channels or Background Music application.
  • Switchable ‘Last MIC On’ that eliminates ambience dropouts, ensuring that there is always some background ambience present even if no one is currently speaking.
  • Works on external 24V DC.
  • Control signal (5V) to activate external devices like a camera, disabling overhead speakers, etc.
  • Insert to connect to feedback destroyers or other dynamic processors.



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