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V?K 10

The Multi-Functional Studiomaster Professional V?K Conference System integrates sophisticated state of the art Digital Signal Processing technology with high quality hardware, to bring you the most unique, simple & user-friendly conference system currently available.

V?K 10.c / V?K 10.d Chairman & Delegate Unit

  • Detachable & Flexible gooseneck microphone.
  • High Quality PanasonicĀ® microphone capsule ensures good voice reproduction.
  • LED Indicator on Microphone, to indicate ‘Mic Active’ status.
  • Built-in speaker with level control.
  • 2 Separate Headphone output.
  • Priority Switch to override all delegate units. (Only on 10.c)
  • Unique interrupt mode.
  • On/Off Talk switch.
  • Available in elegant Black & classy White

Ultra Functional Operating Modes

  • Manual Mode: In this mode all controls are manually operable – subject to the NOM set.The maximum NOM in thissystem is 8. This feature helps to regulate the meetings.
  • FIFO & LIFO: FIFO (First In First Out) & LIFO (Last In First Out) are ultra flexible & adjustable modes in which theparticipant enters or exits a discussion.
  • Automatic Fixed Time Mode: In this mode each person gets an allotted time to speak & is muted when the allotted is completed. This mode is ideal for voting based application.
  • Fully Voice Operated Mode / Hands Free Mode: This mode is fully automatic & is activated by voice; hence no hands are required to participate.



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